Privacy policy

aDUBta Music takes the data protection of its online offers very seriously. Here you will find all information about this topic for our websites. Below you will learn which data we collect and when - and how we use it.

Personal data

We only receive data relating to you as a person, such as your name, telephone number, email address or postal address, if you expressly provide us with this data - for example, because you wish to create an account or request a quote or send us an inquiry via the web form so that we can contact you.

We store this data for as long as you wish to use the service, after which it is deleted. We will of course treat your personal data confidentially and will not pass it on to third parties under any circumstances. You can request information about your data at any time (for more information, see "Right to information").

Data security

Your personal data made available to us is protected against access by unauthorized third parties by taking all technical and organizational security measures.

Log data

When you access our web pages, your browser sends a series of technical data that is logged. Your IP address, browser ID and domain, the name of the file accessed, the date and time of access, the amount of data transferred and the successful access are recorded in log files.

All data in the log files are without direct reference to personal data and are in no way merged with other personal data. We register your accesses for reasons of data security, to ensure the stability and operational reliability of our systems and to ward off unauthorized attacks. The log data is thus used exclusively for internal purposes and will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are collected by your browser and temporarily stored on your computer. They do not reveal any personal data and can neither access the data on your hard drive nor cause any damage there. The online offers of aDUBta Music use cookies for statistical evaluations of the entire usage. These evaluations help us to improve the online offers for you. You can deactivate Google cookies by only allowing functional cookies in the cookie settings. The cookie settings are requested the first time you visit the website and can be changed later via the Cookie Settings link at the bottom of the web pages. If you do not wish online offers to use cookies, you can control this in the settings of your respective browser. You can also get an overview of your stored cookies there. For detailed information, there are browser extensions (e.g. Firebug and Fire Storage Plus! for Firefox; Storage Area Explorer for Chrome). You can delete cookies at any time or block them from the outset, Explorer for Chrome). You can delete cookies at any time or block them from the outset, Further (external) links:
Consumers safe online" about cookies
Firefox - Manage and delete cookies
Firefox - Clear cache
Chrome - Manage and delete cookies
Chrome - Delete browser data
Safari - Web preferences
Internet Explorer - Delete and manage cookies

Data collection for statistical purposes

Separate from personal data and log data, we collect statistical data using several different methods that document the use of aDUBta Music online offerings. With the help of these procedures, we determine, for example, which parts of our offer are used most frequently or which pages, downloads, products, videos were called up on a certain day and how often.

At no time do we carry out a concrete observation of our users as identifiable persons. When you visit our website, your usage data is included in the statistical surveys without it being possible to draw any conclusions about you as a person.

You can deactivate Google's measurement methods by only permitting functional cookies in the cookie settings. Further control and protection against tracking procedures are provided by browser extensions such as www.ghostery.com.

Usage measurement using Google Analytic

In order to be able to offer you an even better service with our offers, we collect data with the procedure of "Google Analytics" and "Google Tag Manager" on the number of page views and visits, on navigation behavior and on the length of time the user stays on a website. These surveys are anonymized and no primary personal data is collected.

For more information, please read the privacy policy of the service provider Google.

If you do not agree to the tracking of your visit and want to prevent the collection of visit data by Google, you can change this usage measurement via cookie settings.

Data processing during registration, ordering, request for quotation and contacting

You can use the content of the websites without registration or login. This is required if you want your personal recommendations, offer list and shopping cart, last accessed items to be available on different devices such as PC, smartphone, tablet. Registration is also required if you wish to place online orders.

When you place orders, request quotes or contact us via the online form, we will ask you for your name and other personal information. It is your free decision whether you enter this data. We store your data on protected servers. Access to this data is only possible for specially authorized persons who process your inquiry, order and contact and who are responsible for the technical maintenance of the servers.

When you contact us using the online form at aDUBta Music, we store the following data from you:
- your e-mail address
- a password determined by you (in case of registration)
- your sales tax identification number (as our services are only directed to commercial customers)
- Contact and address data for contacting you or for invoices as well as deliveries: Company name, industry (optional), title, first name, last name, street, house number, postal code,city, country, telephone, fax (optional).
- Your message - bank details (for orders)
- Indication whether a newsletter is desired (for registration)
- Agreement to our terms and conditions (for registration)
- Websites visited

We use this information for the processing of orders, the delivery of goods and the provision of services as well as the processing of payment (in the case of purchase on account also for necessary checks). We also use your information to communicate with you about orders, products, services and marketing offers and to update our records. We also use your information to improve our online store and platform, to prevent or detect abuse, especially fraud, or to enable third parties to perform technical, logistical or other services on our behalf.

If you log in after registering under "Login" or "Customer Login", the usage data generated by your activities in our offer will be merged with your user profile.

Your personal data that is collected and stored will not be passed on to third parties. You can delete the profile under "My account" at any time.

Google services and marketing cookies

Our website uses services from Google (www.google.com) such as, Youtube, Google Maps/ Google Earth, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager to ensure a comfortable operation of the website.
In the process, various cookies for tracking your site visits are automatically stored on your computer.
You can deactivate the Google services by only allowing functional cookies in the cookie settings.

Description of Google Services:
Google (www.google.com) operates the Google Display Network, a collection of millions of websites and mobile applications powered by display advertising, including many Google services such as YouTube. Google also operates the DoubleClick digital advertising platform: the foundation of ad technology for creating, serving and managing, digital advertising for buyers developers and sellers around the world. The DoubleClick platform includes the DoubleClick Advertising Exchange and the DoubleClick Bid Manager. Google Analytics to measure visitor information such as browser, country, or how long a user stays on our site. Your IP address is transmitted anonymously, the connection to Google is encrypted.
Google Cookie Domains: google.com, google.de, maps.google.com, maps.googleapis.com, maps.gstatic.com, www.google-analytics.com, fonts.googleapis.com, fonts.gstatic.com, doubleclick.net, ytimg.com, youtube.com, googleusercontent.com
Google Privacy Policy
Google Maps Terms of Use
Google Analytics Terms of Use
Google Tag Manager Terms of Use
Youtube Terms of Use

Right to information

You have the right to request information about the data we have stored about you. To do so, please contact the data protection officer in writing (e-mail: info@adubta-music.de; Post: Andreas Bauer, Schondorfer Straße 23, 86919 Utting, Germany).


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